Half-Way There

My oldest daughter turned nine this month. Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday I was holding her sweet, tiny body in my arms in the hospital. I can remember the first time she crawled, the first time she ate solids, and the first time she gave me a scare by climbing out of her crib! I have so many wonderful memories, and some I wish I could erase. You see, I am not a perfect mom. There were times I yelled, and times I wanted to disappear because I couldn’t take not being able to do the simple things in peace anymore…like going to the bathroom! Yet, my hope for my daughter is that she embraces the good times, and forgives me for the bad.

Although my daughter does not want to think about moving away from home one day–she has cried several times because she does not want to leave–I know the inevitable day will come. She is entering a new stage in life, and she, too, will one day embark upon her journey in the world. I know I don’t have much time left to teach her everything she needs to know, but I hope she knows these five things:

1) Keep God first, and fully trust in Him.

It may be tempting to think we can do anything we want without help from anyone–especially from our parents. Yet, there comes a day when we realize we do not have life figured out, and we must rely upon our Creator to lead and guide us.

2) Be YOU!

The world already has enough imitators. Yet, there is only one YOU. It will be difficult some days to refrain from comparing yourself to others who seem like they have it “all together”, but it is an insult to the Most High to believe there is something wrong with you. You are amazing just the way you are!

3) Know your purpose!

You can feel lost in life sometimes if you are not aware of why you even exist. We are here to serve others through the use of our talents. Explore your interests and develop your passions. The world does not revolve around us.

4) Embrace your shortcomings!

No one is perfect! We learn so much about ourselves and others from our shortcomings. Our reaction to our limitations speaks volumes about our personality and character.

5) I will ALWAYS love you!

No matter how many bad decisions you make–and you WILL–I will always love you. We will argue and you will not like me at times, but that’s okay. I realize that it is a part of life. There is nothing you could ever do to make me stop loving you. You will always be my princess, and I am VERY proud of you!


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