Mr. and Ms. Imperfect

I’m not perfect. There, I said it. I get tired of trying to put on this image as if I’ve got it all together. Truth be told, my life is FAR from perfect. I have good days, and I have bad days. Some days I love life and enjoy it to the fullest. Yet, many days I wonder what went wrong in my life. How did I end up here? Is my life really doomed?

Growing up, I quickly learned that although people may mean well, no one truly wants to hear your bad news. I mean, who has time to listen to someone else’s bad day if you’re going through your own, right? It seems as if we get so wrapped up in our daily issues that we don’t take time to offer a hand or an encouraging word to someone else in need. We see the mom struggling with her four kids in the supermarket, but we rush by her for fear that her screaming children will cause our ears to explode. What would happen if we offered her some help? Or what about the newbie salesperson who is struggling to make this month’s quota? Do we ignore his or her frustration because we are too concerned about making our own quota?

A few months ago, I was listening to a sermon by TD Jakes. I know everyone may not be a fan of him, but he really touched my heart that day. He talked about how he did not think he was worthy enough to be a pastor based on his shortcomings. All of the great pastors and leaders he saw seemed flawless, happy, polished, and stress-free. One day, he had a conversation with another pastor who revealed a secret: he had shortcomings, too! Jakes was astounded at hearing this because he would not have beat himself up so much for being imperfect.

Sometimes, when we keep our frustration to ourselves, we feel like we are alone. Believing that no one understands or even wants to understand you can lead to major problems like depression or even suicide. We all need a friend or a confidant who doesn’t mind listening to us vent. We all need that special friend who will stop what he or she is doing, and give us the undivided attention we desperately need at that time. We all need that someone who will not only listen, but will hold our hand and refuse to let us give up. We need someone to remind us that it’s perfectly okay to be Mr. or Ms. Imperfect.


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