Make What You Want

Growing up, I can remember my grandmother saying, “You’ve got to take what you got, and make what you want.” I may not have completely understood her at the time, but this piece of advice has definitely proved useful during different moments of my life. For example, when I was six years old, I wanted a doll house. However, my parents did not buy one for me. So, do you know what I did? I got creative! I decided to use a plastic, pink chair that I loved so much by turning it upside down. Then, I put my checkers board on top of the feet of the chair to serve as a roof. Next, I decorated the first and second “floors” with random small objects I found around the house. For example, an old thimble was a lamp stand, and a checkers piece was  rug. You couldn’t tell me that my “doll house” wasn’t real. I was very proud of my construction.

Now that I am an adult, I use this same principle. For example, every educator knows how expensive it can be to purchase items for the classroom. Instead of going into debt, I use my creativity. I thoroughly enjoy creating my own games, worksheets and activities.  Then, I put some of my creations on my TpT store.

I  also use this principle as a parent. I may not have enough money to put my children in the best private schools or even in every extracurricular activity they desire; however, I know how to use my creativity to keep my children entertained while learning. For example, my summers are spent creating fun, educational lessons. One summer, we focused on aquatic life and another time, we learned about American history. Instead of focusing on what I may not have, I choose to follow my dear grandmother’s advice. I only hope my children inherit this line of thinking. How much better do you think our outlook on life could be if we all tried a little harder to resist jealousy and the spirit of complaining, and instead embraced contentment and joy with what we actually have?


Faith summer work


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