Make Lemonade

It is really hard for me to stay positive and upbeat some days. I mean, when it comes to looking at someone else’s circumstances, I’m super positive. Yet, when it comes to looking at my life, not so much. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s easier to be negative. Anyone can think of excuses for not doing something or for failing at something. Even if our excuses are legitimate, it doesn’t usually take much effort to come up with them. For example, if you lose a game, it’s easier to say, ” Well, I wasn’t playing at my best.” Or “I had a really off game.” Why can’t we just say “good game”?

The taste of failure is bitter. Anyone that has ever failed at something knows exactly what I’m talking about. Think about the F on your last test, or your last three failed business attempts. Failure can make you feel singled out and alone, or like a huge bright light is shining on you while others mock your inadequacies. Living with failure can be tough.

So, why resort to negativity? Because we are hurt, and we want others to empathize with us. We feel like everyone should know our pain and struggles. Everyone should pat us on our backs and cater to us like a mother would for her crying baby. We’ve all felt this way at one time or another.

Life isn’t fair all the time, but a little tough love never hurt anyone. In fact, it’s what we need. We can’t grow if someone is always coddling us. We can’t soak in life’s lessons if someone is always carrying us. Take a flower for example. When a seed is planted, it takes time for it to sprout. Once it does, it must push through the soil all on its own if it ever wants to feel the rays of the sun. Over time, that seed must battle the wind, the sun, and rain as it journeys to become a full-fledged flower. The flower isn’t guaranteed to have someone encouraging it on its journey, nor can the flower have someone there to cover it during any storms. The same is true with our lives.

Being negative doesn’t solve my problems or yours. Does this mean we should disregard life’s challenges? No. It just means we should change our outlook. There’s truth to the old adage “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” Think about it. If Einstein chose to be negative and treat his failures in school as a sure sign of a horrible future, would we have made the same advancements in math and science? Just because we encounter trials, it doesn’t mean we can’t succeed. Just because we grow weary, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it. Just because we fail, it doesn’t mean we can’t overcome. We have to hang in there. Be strong, and keep the faith. Who knows how much you and I could change the world if we would only choose to see the positive in our storms?


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