In the Moment

Soccer practices and games, dance recitals, mortgage and credit card bills, grocery shopping, scheduling dentist visits, endless work deadlines, and planning your youngest child’s birthday party. It seems as if there is always something going on in the crazy hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes, you may feel as if you are barely keeping your nose above water. Maybe you feel like you’re already drowning. I know I do some days.

The older I become, the less time I have it seems. As a kid, I can remember wishing that time would speed up. I thought I had too much time on my hands. Boy, what I would give to re-live some of those long and “boring” childhood days! I’ve been thinking. I may not be able to change time, but I can change my daily schedule. Juggling parenthood, work, and fun is difficult to say the least. Yet, what a shame it would be to live life and never enjoy it. You will always have some sort of deadline to meet, there will always be bills to pay, and you can always count on life to throw a curve ball when you’re the busiest.

What can we do to maintain some level of sanity? Be positive and live in the moment! As crazy as it seems, the best thing we can do is to focus on this exact moment in life.It is amazing how much we miss when we are focused on just “making it“. When is the last time you closed your eyes, and took in all of the sounds and smells around you? Try it! Before life becomes too much to handle, just take a deep breath, and focus on the beauty of the present moment. You will be surprised at how grateful and “aware” you may become. Bad things happen everyday–even to good people. Yet, there has to be at least a small glimmer of hope to help keep us alive. Guard your heart against negativity. Learn to appreciate your journey, and hold tight to what is positive.


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