I am Nigeria

This is for the child who lost a parent during the attacks in Nigeria. This is for the man who lost his wife, the parents who lost their only child, and the woman who lost her best friend. This is for anyone affected by the horrendous terrorist attacks led by Boko Haram, a militant Islamist group in Nigeria.

Believe me when I tell you that I am not a politician. I don’t even claim to be the most up-to-date in world news; however, I do recognize that there is a major problem going on in Nigeria. It wasn’t long ago that countries around the globe were chanting “bring back our girls” and raising awareness about the 200 plus girls who were abducted. Yet, when over 2000 individuals are massacred, you can almost hear a pen drop. Why? CNN gave us an answer: “Boko Haram is ‘not a priority'”. Check out the news clip for yourself.

By all means, I believe the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo were upsetting and unsettling. Yet, the media has done a better job of advertising the events in France than those experienced in Nigeria. Sure, it can be difficult to have reporters in Nigeria right now. Sure, it can be difficult to lead in a country with so much turmoil. However, when do things get better for those suffering in Nigeria? When will their cries be heard? When will Nigerians become “a priority”?

It amazes me that certain lives are valued over the lives of others. To me, the value of an individual’s life should not be based upon one’s ethnic identity, the color of one’s skin, or one’s economic status. We are all humans, and therefore each and every life is important! While I believe each country should govern its people, I do feel there are times in which other nations around the world must take a stand against injustice. Now, is one of those times. We must ask ourselves if Nigeria is capable of putting a stop to Boko Haram and future terrorist attacks. Is Nigeria capable of rebuilding their nation without assistance from others? When is it okay for the United States and others to offer assistance and to help combat against those who plot to do harm to Nigerian civilians? How many more lives will be lost before anyone does anything? It’s time for the world to truly recognize what is going on in Nigeria, and to take a stand against terrorism. I cannot continue to watch innocent men, women, and children die. I applaud the efforts of those proclaiming “I am Charlie” in France; however, I think it is also fitting for us to rally together and proclaim “I am Nigeria”. What do you think?


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