Don’t Get Me Wrong

Most little girls can’t wait to get married and have kids. Think about it. Girls are encouraged to play with dolls, experiment with makeup, hair, nails, and clothes. But are girls really encouraged to explore the world and find out who they are prior to settling down and starting a family? I look at my own three daughters. Faith is 8, Grace is 6, and Madison is 1. I can remember listening to Faith and Grace as they played one day, and I became so frustrated. It was very disconcerting that they insisted on pretending to be moms who took care of their kids and cooked dinner for their husbands. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not an extreme feminist by any means; however, I do believe young girls need to be exposed to more than the archaic notion that women are only good for two things–the kitchen and the bedroom.

I had to ask myself, “What kind of life do I portray to my daughters? How can I make my daughters realize there is more to life than simply being a wife and mother?” I decided from that moment on to teach my girls about different career opportunities and other countries around the globe. From those conversations, I learned that my oldest is fascinated with science. She wants to be either a scientist or a pediatrician. My middle daughter wants to be a veterinarian. This amazed me because she is still learning to get over her fear of certain animals. 🙂

Apart from talking to my girls about the endless opportunities and responsibilities women have, I decided to change my lifestyle. Instead of just saying “It’s important to take care of your body,” I show them by going to the gym (a ladies only facility). This allows them to see many other women (with and without children) who believe their health is important. I have also told my daughters that they could create and operate their own business. So, to prove to them they could, I started my own Teachers Pay Teachers store. Sure it’s small-scale presently, but it could grow to be something more. Never despise small beginnings!

My next goal is to have my daughters research influential women. I want them to see how women have made an impact on society. I plan to create a list of 12 women, one for each month of the year. Together, the girls will decide which woman to learn about for that month. I hope to find a plethora of video clips, articles, and books about the featured woman of the month. At the end of the month, they will create a lap book to showcase their knowledge. I can’t wait to blog about their findings!

So, what am I saying? Do I want my daughters to grow up thinking that being a wife and mother is horrible? Of course not! I thoroughly enjoy my roles as a wife and mother. Yet, I want my daughters to know that they can make an impact on not just the lives of their immediate family, but on the world. I want them to not just dream of having a great life, but to know and feel it is okay to pursue and live out their dreams.


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