Christmas Time

For some reason, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. My tree has been up since the day after Thanksgiving, and I finished shopping for almost everyone on Black Friday. I’ve taken my children around to several neighborhoods to see many homes decorated with beautiful Christmas lights. My family and I even went to Stone Mountain to see the beautiful lights and witness the amazing Snow Mountain. Still, something just doesn’t feel the same.

Maybe it’s because I just wrote a 27 and 50 page paper for grad school. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been taking my kids to every extracurricular activity known to man. Maybe it’s because I’ve taken off at least one to two days per week for three weeks to care for all three of my children. When I was a kid, Christmas was always exciting. Now that I’m married, a mom of three, a teacher, and grad student, I have way too many things going on to even remember my name by the end of most days.

So, what’s happened? When did Christmas start to change? I’ll tell you. When I began to allow myself to be consumed with life. I’ve taken my focus off of what’s important, and I’ve been going through the motions. How do I plan to regain my focus? By meditating on God’s word, spending quality time with family, and reflecting on my goals. If you’ve lost sight, too, I hope you join me in getting back to what’s important. From my family to yours, I pray you have a merry Christmas!


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