The Truth of the Matter

Moms. We are strong. We can carry 10 bags of groceries, a huge purse, a baby bag, our coat, a perfectly wrapped birthday gift, a box of diapers, and a cup of hot coffee…all without dropping a single item.

We are intelligent. We’ve helped our kids with every science fair project, and we’ve helped them study for every chemistry, trigonometry, government, and French test they’ve ever had. So, yes. We are smarter than fifth graders!

We are queens of multitasking. We can nurse a baby while cooking dinner, folding laundry, helping all three of our older kids with different homework assignments, and shopping online for the best deals on a brand new washer and dryer set.

We are a little nutty. You must be thinking, “Did she just say that?” Yes, yes, I did. It takes a lot of brain power and supernatural ability to do all of the amazing things we do. So, sometimes we do things without even knowing why. It’s okay. We shouldn’t be too hard on ourselves.

We are beautiful. Sure, we can’t fit into those old pre-pregnancy jeans that made us feel like rock stars. Sure, we can’t remember the last time we had a chance to put on a little make up. Sure, we have split ends like nobody’s business. And no, we don’t know how that mustard stain got on our new pants. Yet, we are beautiful. Every curve, every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every gray hair. Every part of us is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

We are human. And you know what? That’s okay. The truth of the matter is, we are not perfect. Being able to make everyone happy is impossible. Being able to cross off every single item from our to do list is not always feasible. Many of our beloved celebs have been blessed with having others help them with their day-to-day activities.  No one can do it all. It’s fun to think we’re superhuman, but even superheros need a break to regenerate. We have to learn the art of delegating, and the art of saying that magical two letter word…NO.

So what? The laundry is piled high, the kitchen looks like a war zone, and the baby just threw up on your dress for the cocktail party tonight. Instead of screaming because things are going awry, just breathe. Relax. Remember we are human. You have billions of other women around the globe who understand what you’re going through. They have survived, and so will you.


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